Node Manager Selection

For selecting a Node Manager among available nodes, consider incorporating a multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) approach, evaluating each node's reliability, connectivity, and computational capacity.

Si=ω1Ri+ω2Ci+ω3PiS_i = \omega_1 \cdot R_i + \omega_2 \cdot C_i + \omega_3 \cdot P_i


  • SiS_iis the selection score of node iiii,

  • Ri ,CiR_i  , C_iand PiP_irepresent the reliability score, connectivity score, and computational power of node ii, respectively,

  • ω1,ω2ω_1 , ω_2 and ω3ω_3are weight factors assigned to each criterion based on importance.

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